Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Post

So after being told that blogging is a way to tell your story to like minded people, I decided to give it a shot. I am just an ordinary guy working at an extra ordinary place with some extra ordinary people. My work deals a lot with uncertainity prevalent in the world and a way some people try to control that uncertainity by thinking and acting creatively, this is how I found a name for my blog. Volatility is a measure of uncertainity, a chance that what you get in life might be a little divergent from what you expected to get. People are scared of volatility, be it in their personal life or professional life, we all to an extent wish to live a life with little if any divergence from our expectations, but once every few days life decides to throw a curve ball at us all of sudden and expects us to deal with it. Human achievement lies in not eliminating volatility from our lives but using it to create something bigger and better.

Well thats enough writing for my first blog. Hope you now know why I chose my blog name :)

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